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How me and Sammie met and after
One day I spoke to a girl called Sammie, she was really nice, and had an amazing personality, I started speaking to her through one of my ex mates called chris.

The reason I started talking to her was because I found out Chris was cheating on her, so when chris went out the room, I got his phone and got her number and put it into my phone.

Later when I was alone, I decided to call her to tell her what was going on, we was chatting for a while and then when I thought the time was right, I told her what was happening, she was very upset and shocked at the matter.

I comforted her and said this is what he is like, he is a sex addict, he doesn't care about hurting you, he doesn't know how to love, then she belived me, I told her the girls name and then she realised it all fits in.

she said that Chris said she was just a friend, but then realised now that there is more to it, as he used to put the phone down to talk to her, so she had a feeling that something was going on.

Later on after us talking for an hour and stuff, she decided to leave Chris, so she put the phone down on me and called Chris, and ended it with him, then afterwords she phoned me and told me what she has done, I was so happy with her doing that.

We spoke for most of the night and after a while, I realised I was falling for her, so I asked her out and she said yes, I was over the moon, I have never had this feeling in my life before, she said I love you and I said I love you to babe.

When we went to sleep we fell asleep on the phone together, and I had the bestest sleep of my life, so comforted and so relaxed.

On the 21 August 2010, I asked her to marry me, she said yes, and I was s happy, I have never been so in love in my life, I said I love you to pieces baby, I don't know what I would do without you.

In January, I moved to a new flat in Buxton, Derbyshire, I loved my new place, it was so nice.

After a few months I phoned Sam and said to her, if you don't come down soon, I will leave you, she said ok I will be down soon, 2 days later she came down and we had an amazing time, we went back to mine and talked and stuff, then we went for a walk to the park, which we enjoyed a lot, kissing, hugging and holding hands.

When she had to go I was scared I would never see her again, I walked her to the train station, and we took a picture of us together, when the train came I started to cry and got really upset, she said don't worry babe, I will come again and I wil stop for a night, then I said, you promise, she said I promise, and I said ok, I walked to the train with her, we was both in tears by then and gave her a Kiss and a hug, then she got on and we waved goodbye to each other as the train began to depart.

When the train had gone she phoned me and was crying down the phone to me and saying she had a wonderful day and can't wait to see you again, at that point i realised to myself, she was the one for me.

That night we spoke all night on the phone about our plans for the future, and what we wanted, then we fell assleep on the phone together.

The next day we spoke all day, just finding out more about each other, like what we do every day and how we cope without each other, which to be honest, was really hard.

At the time I had a friend called becky, she helped me quite a bit, she basically lived with me, she was 21 at the time, we used to have good laughs though Sam had never met her.

one day when she came down, I decided to get them both together, and me of course, and we got off to an amazing start, we all got on with each other and we had an amazing time.

We went for a walk in the park linking arms with each other, me between to girls (Lucky me lol) and we was just all happy with what we had, a good friend and a gorgous loving fiance'e who is wonderful.

But one day that friend turned on me and tried to split me and Sam up by saying I was cheating on Sam with her, and at one point Sam believed her then she realised I wouldn't dare cheat on her as I don't want to lose her or the baby, as I love them to much.

So when me and my ex friend fell out, me and Sam put all her stuff outside and told her to come get it which she did so promptly, and then I text her to say nice knowing you, if I find anymore stuff of  hers then I will let her know and I will tell her where to pick it up.

On the 14th July 2011 was my Birthday which I enjoyed with Sam and a few friends of mine, we went out  and had a good time then when we went home at night time we watched a film and cuddled up together on the sofa, and I said to her this is the best birthday I have ever had, which it was.

On the 18th July 2011 I was illigally evicted from my Flat which was under a Housing association, and they changed the locks so I could not access the flat to gain some of my property, me and Sam was very angry at this so we decided to try to get in, so me, Sam and my mates went round as I still had a key to the bottom door to the block of flats, and got in, I went to go upstairs but my ex neighbour came balling down the stairs and Sam was first through the door and he grabbed her arm hard and pulled her outside, I said what you doing to my mrs you old Twat, you shouldn't grab a woman like that, aspecially a pregnant one

he said you shouldn't be on this fucking property, I said I have a right to access my stuff (which some of it was on the landing) and he said I don't care, then he went in my face and said go on, hit me, I didn't move but my mate stepped in front of me and said, why don't you hit me first, as then I can officialy hit you in self defence, then the guy humpfed then went backl in and slammed the door shut.

After all this, I walked round the corner to see 3 police cars turn up, they arrested me and said we are arresting you on section 5 public order act (blah blah blah, you no the rest of the shit if your from the uk).

I got a warning and got set free YAAAY lol.

After  a couple of weeks with my mates, we had a massive arguement, (when Sam wasn't there) so I decided to come move up to Harrogate to be with Sammie and be there for when the baby was born, I stayed at her mums for about 3 weeks and moved into a bedsit in what I am still in to this day.

Since I moved in, Sam has been so supportive and her whole family have, she is such a loving caring person, I never thought I would find someone like her, ever, and now I have, I feel I am so lucky to have her.

On the 10 March 2012 Our Son was born Kian Gordan Joseph Halliday a healthy weight of 6.13 1/2 pounds, which is a good weight, also considering he was 2 weeks premature, so we did pritty well, she also had him within 45mins which is amazing.

Kian is now 7 weeks old, he currently lives with Sammie and her family, as we are struggling to find a place of our own, but I don't mind as I know for sure that he is in a safe and stable inviroment, love you little man and baby girl.

We are waiting  to get a house together but it is really hard at the moment, there is to many homeless people in the world and so it makes it harder for people who really need it won't get it as someone has moved in who was homeless, so it stops familys moving in together.

TO be continued....
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