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All about the co-Manager
A page about me

Hi my names Matthew Neil Coppick.
I’m 20years old and live in Harrogate,
North Yorkshire

I was born in Maccelsfield on the

I came here from Buxton, which is in Derbyshire,
I am in a long term relationship with
Sammie Jayne Halliday
who is the owner of this site.


What I do for a living

At the moment I don't do anything for a living as my fiancé is 8 and a half months pregnant so our baby Is nearly here. I used to work as a Security Manager at A premier shop called Scotch corner, I have also worked
in a chip shop called the greedy Greek, and I have also been
a Park Ranger, and I used to Teach I.T in a Community Collage in Manchester.

The kind of people I like


I like any kind of people as long as they
are respectful, Fun, loving, don't mind banter
and never nasty.

What I want out of this website


I want people to see Sams Creative mind as Well as mine, even though she is a lot more Brainier than me.

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